Hypno Erotic Slave Training

Steps For Signing Up

  1. Click the link below and put in your desired amount
  2. Click this link https://buy.stripe.com/5kA5ks94FaKscMMaL7

All donations are put into an escrow account for “Hypno Porn” filmed in late January. Thank you for your patronage to the arts of hypnosis. I look forward to connecting with you.

Remember I’m in Portland 60% of the time and Silicon Valley (Santa Clara) 40% of the time.

Housing is provided when you visit Portland. You will have to provide your own airport pick up however the Redline goes directly to my home from the airport and only costs $2.95.

My office in Santa Clara is located off Lawerence Expressway and Central. I’m there 1 week a month. So please let me know ahead of time.


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