Oblivion [Slave Transformation 1-YEAR]


Module 1: The Void of Unbecoming

Objective: To confront and release deeply held beliefs, identities, and past conditioning. This module acts as an initiation into the journey, symbolizing a willingness to enter the void—embracing nothingness to detach from societal and personal preconceptions.

  • Activities: Guided sexual meditations focusing on the concept of emptiness, journaling exercises to identify and question core beliefs, and practices of silence and solitude to facilitate introspection.

Module 2: The Alchemy of Transformation

Objective: Transformation of the self through the symbolic sexual alchemy process—dissolving the old to create space for the new. This module focuses on the inner transmutation of fears, desires, and the ego, turning them into insights and wisdom.

  • Activities: Session (in person or remotely) on shadow work to integrate and understand the darker aspects of the self, alchemical symbolism in art and journaling, and practices in mindfulness to observe and transform thought patterns.

Module 3: The Labyrinth of Infinite Possibilities

Objective: To navigate the complexities of the self and understand the non-linear path of personal growth. This sexual module encourages exploration of the many facets of one’s identity and the potential for rebirth in different forms.

  • Activities: Creative expression through various mediums as a means of self-exploration, walking sexual meditations to symbolize the journey, and session on the nature of reality and identity.

Module 4: The Phoenix Rising

Objective: Emergence of a new, unique self-concept, reborn from the ashes of the old. This final module symbolizes the culmination of the journey—acknowledging the transformation and embracing the newly defined self with acceptance and purpose.

  • Activities: Ceremony of rebirth and renewal, development of a personal manifesto, creation of a project that represents the new self, and reflective practices to consolidate the transformation.

Supportive Practices Throughout the Program:

  • Slave Transformation
  • Mentorship: Guidance from individuals who have navigated their own transformative journeys, offering wisdom and perspective.
  • Integration Periods: Times of rest and reflection between modules to allow for integration of experiences and insights.

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