"Can You Make Any Girl or Boy Orgasm On Your Command
With Just Simple Words?"

In “Hypnotic Sex,” Dr. Kali DuBois, a trailblazing sexologist and accomplished hypnotist, invites readers to explore a tantalizing intersection of sex, intimacy, and the hypnotic trance. This revolutionary guide illuminates the potential of hypnosis as a tool for intensifying sensory perception, deepening emotional connections, and fostering spontaneous trance states during sexual encounters.

With her candid and dynamic approach, Dr. DuBois takes you on a journey that transcends the boundaries of traditional intimacy. The book includes an array of hypnotic inductions and is supplemented with Dr. DuBois’s own enchanting voice, guiding you step by step into a realm of enhanced sensual experiences.

“Hypnotic Sex” is more than a guide; it’s a transformative experience for anyone seeking to elevate their intimate connections, amplify their sensual pleasures, and embrace the hypnotic potential of their mind-body relationship. 

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A Word From
Dr. Kali DuBois

Think about it-your primary moral duty lies in the pursuit of pleasure so long as you do not forcibly interfere with the rights of others.

The premise of my programs are that we live in an unfree world, created by our beliefs and the environments we put ourselves in. Most of us strive for more freedom in our lives, and my writing explains how you can get it, focusing on the psychological and lifestyle shifts you need to make to get there.

To become freer, you need to be more aware of your options and dispense with those bad assumptions. 

Dr. Kali DuBois

PhD., MA., B.A., C.HT. NLP Trainer

Studied Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Psychology, with a concentration in 'Experiental Based Therapies' at Prescott College.

Complete Audio & Book Series

A Laser Into Minds

A captivating series that delves into the thrilling realm of mental manipulation, exploring themes of power, control, and seduction. Only a few select individuals possess the ability to infiltrate the minds of others, the series follows the journey of these people as we navigate the  landscape of sex and beliefs. You are about to explore the boundaries where pleasure and pain blur, and carnal desires become a potent weapon. This series takes students on an exhilarating ride through a labyrinth of seduction and the limitless power of the human mind.

Sexual Behavior Profiling

What Readers Are Saying

Don’t take our word for it, this is what licensed hypnotherapists have to say.

Hyponsis For Sex is a fascinating exploration of the intersection between human sexuality and the hypnotic arts. 

Aj Stalker

The author’s expertise and nuanced approach offer a captivating journey into the depths of human desire, revealing the untapped potential of the subconscious mind in enhancing our erotic experiences.

Isabelo Pascual

Insightful, daring, and unapologetically provocative, Hypnosis For Sex is a must-read for anyone seeking to deepen their connection with their own desires and the world of hypnotic sensuality.

Lydia Scholl

This thought-provoking book has not only broadened my understanding of the power of hypnosis but also challenged my preconceptions about the role it can play in our intimate lives.

Ed Manucci

"Trances of 3: Hypnotic Adventures In
Group Intimacy"

Listen & Learn 🙂

“Trance of Threes” is the daring and provocative guide to exploring the realm of hypnotic group intimacy. World-renowned sexologist and hypnotherapist, Dr. Kali DuBois, opens up the world of threesomes, inviting you on a journey to learn how to navigate the thrilling territory of multiple-partner hypnotic ecstasy.

Dr. DuBois brings her extensive experience and expertise to this groundbreaking work, illuminating the possibilities of enhanced pleasure and connection in group intimacy through the power of hypnosis. The book offers readers a comprehensive guide on setting the stage for a hypnotic threesome, including tips on open communication, boundary setting, and establishing trust.

The core of “Trance of Threes” focuses on using hypnosis to heighten and synchronize the sexual experiences of all involved. Readers are taken step by step through different hypnotic inductions, deepening techniques, and erotic suggestions, tailored specifically for the unique dynamic of a threesome.

The book also addresses the emotional aspects of multi-partner encounters, aiming to dispel the myths and societal judgments around threesomes.

“Trance of Threes” aims to create a safe and sensual atmosphere for exploration, emphasizing the principles of consent, respect, and mutual enjoyment. It’s a compelling read for those ready to push the boundaries of conventional intimacy and awaken new dimensions of sexual pleasure.

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