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Dr. Kali DuBois

Dr. Kali DuBois is considered the best at what she does by leading doctors, hypnotists and kinksters. 

As a Doctor of Experiental Psychology, Sexologist (AASECT certified), kinkster and hypnotist, she is dedicated to helping individuals and couples improve their sexual health and wellbeing. With extensive training and experience in both fields, she offer a unique and integrated approach that addresses both the physical and psychological aspects of sex.

She works with individuals and couples from all walks of life, including those from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, different gender identities and sexual orientations, and varying levels of ability. And there is no “therapy” quite like what we do here.

Rates: $500 a session, and in person sessions are required to book 2 hours minimum. Consultation fees are $110. No refunds, no cancellations. Show up on time, show up relaxed.

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We do not accept insurance.

Our practice has decided not to take insurance clients due to the limitations to the psychotherapeutic process associated with insurance review and regulations. Insurance companies regulate the total number and frequency of appointments, and often demand specific treatment protocols and regular assessments in order to cover the costs. Furthermore, they often require defined behavioral goals related to rigid diagnoses, and can cut off payment for therapy after these initially established goals have been achieved.

Here at Dr. Kali DuBois PhD., we focus on understanding the individual and not on treating a diagnosis per se. We feel that diagnoses can be useful but, without prioritizing other dimensions of a person as well, can create a reductive understanding. One-size-fits-all treatments that fit with these reductive understandings miss the many vast opportunities of the therapeutic process, selling short the suffering and growing human being.

In addition, it is a benefit not to be forced to share confidential information with your insurance company in order to get approved for treatment, and not to carry the label of a mental health disorder in one’s general health information.

What type of sessions do you offer?


From trauma to education, we focus on exploring the many layers of your sexuality.


Experience hypnosis to eliminate and install any new and different behaviors you would like in the sheets.

Curated Kink Therapy

Explore how kink and therapy meet. Utilize curated scenes to explore your sexuality on a whole new level.

"Embrace the journey of becoming your best lover, for when you explore your own desires, embrace your unique sensuality, and cultivate self-love, you unlock the key to igniting passion and creating a love that radiates from within."

Dr. Kali DuBois

Why I Need This?

  1. Sexual dysfunction: Patients may seek assistance when experiencing issues such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low libido, orgasmic difficulties, pain during intercourse, or other sexual dysfunctions that impact their sexual satisfaction and quality of life.

  2. Relationship and intimacy concerns: Individuals may seek guidance from a sexologist when facing challenges related to intimacy, communication, desire discrepancies, sexual compatibility, or other issues affecting their relationships.

  3. Sexual orientation and identity exploration: Some individuals may consult a sexologist to explore and understand their sexual orientation, gender identity, or concerns related to coming out, self-acceptance, and navigating societal norms.

  4. Sexual education and knowledge: Patients may seek a sexologist’s expertise for comprehensive sexual education, information about sexual health, contraception, safe sex practices, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), or guidance in understanding their own bodies and sexual functioning.

  5. Trauma or past experiences: Individuals who have experienced sexual trauma, abuse, or have unresolved issues related to past sexual experiences may benefit from the support and therapeutic interventions offered by a sexologist.

  6. Desire for personal growth and exploration: Some individuals may seek the guidance of a sexologist as part of their personal growth journey, aiming to deepen their understanding of their own desires, preferences, and overall sexual well-being.

  7. Sexual concerns in specific populations: Certain populations, such as LGBTQ+ individuals, older adults, individuals with disabilities, or those from cultural or religious backgrounds with unique sexual concerns, may seek specialized support and guidance from a sexologist who is knowledgeable about their specific needs.

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