Valuable insights into the complex world of human sexuality, offering guidance, education, and inspiration for listeners seeking to enhance their intimate experiences and broaden their understanding of desire.

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The ability for some to experience powerful orgasms as a result of vivid sexual dreams, phone sex, voice command, cybersex, IM or text message without any physical stimulation truly captured my imagination intellectually and sexually. After years of disecting how it’s done we put together an ensemble unlike anything you have experienced before. 

The program you are about to get is 90 minutes of instructions to help guide you through the physical, mental and emotional processes to orgasm on command. Completely done for you, just press play.

How to Think Your Way to Orgasm with Erotic Hypnosis

Advanced Programming Awaits Your

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This is advanced hypnotic programming, users should not be operating a vehicle or intoxicated while using.

Increase Your Libido
Broken Heart

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You want the enticing sexual experiences that happen once you have programmed your mind and body to respond on command.

Drink The Punch

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In “Drink The Punch,” Dr. Kali DuBois takes readers on a riveting journey into the secretive and seductive world of sex cults. Through extensive research, personal accounts, and chilling interviews, DuBois uncovers the complex web of manipulation, control, and desire that holds these clandestine communities together.

As DuBois delves deeper into this shadowy realm, she encounters charismatic leaders who wield a magnetic power over their followers, exploiting their vulnerabilities to create a cult-like devotion. With an expert eye, she unravels the intricacies of these enigmatic figures, exploring their motivations, desires, and the allure they possess.

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