August Sexological Hypnosis Package Includes

Plus Get The At-Home Sexological Hypnotherapy Study Course Below (Below)

Day 1: Introduction to Sexual Health

  • What is sexual health?
  • Common sexual problems and misconceptions.

Day 2: The Psychology of Sexuality

  • How psychology affects sexual behavior and response.
  • Relationship between mental health and sexual health.

Day 3: Introduction to Hypnosis

  • What is hypnosis?
  • Myths and misconceptions about hypnosis.

Day 4: Hypnosis & The Subconscious Mind

  • Understanding the subconscious mind.
  • Role of the subconscious mind in sexual response.

Day 5: Self-Hypnosis Basics

  • Techniques and methods for self-hypnosis.
  • Establishing a safe and comfortable space for self-hypnosis.

Week 2: Overcoming Sexual Barriers

Day 1: Identifying Sexual Barriers

  • Understanding what blocks sexual intimacy.
  • Exercise: Identifying personal sexual barriers.

Day 2: Hypnosis for Anxiety & Fear

  • Using hypnosis to address anxiety and fear related to sex.
  • Guided Hypnosis Exercise: Releasing fear and anxiety.

Day 3: Enhancing Body Positivity

  • Importance of body positivity in sexual health.
  • Guided Hypnosis Exercise: Cultivating body positivity.

Day 4: Building Sexual Confidence

  • Understanding sexual self-esteem.
  • Guided Hypnosis Exercise: Building sexual confidence.

Day 5: Cultivating Open Communication

  • The role of open communication in sexual health.
  • Exercise: Effective communication strategies.

Week 3: Cultivating Desire & Intimacy

Day 1: Understanding Desire

  • Exploring the concept of sexual desire.
  • Guided Hypnosis Exercise: Tapping into sexual desire.

Day 2: Intimacy & Emotional Connection

  • The role of emotional intimacy in sexual health.
  • Guided Hypnosis Exercise: Deepening emotional connection.

Day 3: Addressing Desire Discrepancies

  • Understanding and managing desire discrepancies in relationships.
  • Guided Hypnosis Exercise: Bridging desire gaps.

Day 4: Expanding Sexual Horizons

  • Exploring and embracing sexual diversity and preferences.
  • Guided Hypnosis Exercise: Exploring sexual preferences.

Day 5: The Art of Mindful Sex

  • The concept of mindfulness in sex.
  • Guided Mindfulness Exercise: Mindful Sensuality.

Week 4: Integration & Maintenance

Day 1: Overcoming Setbacks & Plateaus

  • Understanding common setbacks in sexual growth.
  • Guided Hypnosis Exercise: Building resilience against setbacks.

Day 2: Review & Reflect

  • Review of key concepts and personal progress.
  • Group/individual discussion and reflection.

Day 3: Developing a Personal Sexual Hypnosis Routine

  • Creating a customized self-hypnosis routine for ongoing practice.
  • Individual consultation and feedback.

Day 4: Planning Forward

  • How to maintain progress and handle potential future challenges.
  • Exercise: Developing a personal action plan.

Day 5: Wrap Up & Celebrate

  • Final reflections and sharing of experiences.
  • Celebration of journey and accomplishments.

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