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Do you want more sex? Higher quality sex? Kinky sex? Deeper and connected sex?

First, hypnosis will help you train the mind so the body follows.
Second, sex is a creative expression. There is no right or wrong way. When we use hypnosis to develop deeper sexual awareness we learn that we're so much more than we think we are.

At the Hypnosis For Sex Institute we want you to have access to the most advanced hypnosis out there to have an incredible sex life.

It is our given right to explore. To get you off right, we're giving you a home-study course book.

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Who Is Kali DuBois?
Kali DuBois is one of the worlds most experienced and knowledgeable hypno-psychological sex experts. Founder of the Institute of Hypnosis & Sexuality in San Francisco. Author of 7 books on Hypnosis and 25 Books on Human Development. She is a certified NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainer, board certified Hypnotist, State of California Sexologist. Her alma matter Prescott College is ranked #1 for educational sustainability, she graduated with a masters level education in Human Sexuality. 

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